They say you should evolve your craft, hone your skills,  invest in yourself, and get out the office once in a while. I decided to heed that advice and get myself along to the  Sourcing Summit Australia #Sosuau on Thursday 4th of August at the SMC. It’s Australia’s #1 event for Recruitment Thinking, Technology and Training. An event for Recruitment, Human Resource (HR) and Sourcing professionals looking to get ahead.



The event caught my eye after being mentioned by various recruitment influencers on social media.  The SMC was a good choice of venue for the event; it was spacious, yet intimate. The event ran smoothly and was close to capacity.  The food was also very good, and refreshingly healthy for such an event.
The was a room full of recruiters and in-house HR. Both of a similar ilk, of course, but not always the most comfortable bedfellows, but today everybody was on a joint mission of discovery and playing nice.


The structure of the talks did seem to fall into two halves with the early talks focusing more on the in-house HR operational function.