Who We Are

Beagle Digital Recruitment is a boutique digital recruitment agency in Sydney with a different approach. We help in-house Digital, Product, Blockchain and CXO leaders in Sydney win the fierce war for Digital, Product, Marketing, Developer, eCRM, UX, & UI Talent.


We placed the Global Digital and eCommerce Manager for well-known Beauty Brand.

We delivered a Product team on a tight deadline to one of Australia’s highest profile sharing economy start-ups (Marketing Analytics Manager, Product Manager and eCRM Specialist).

We delivered an Agile Product Director for the Innovations Team within Australia’s largest media group.

We delivered four Contract Web and Mobile Developers to the Sydney branch of the world’s largest PR agency, within three-days.


Beagle Digital Recruitment’s founder Tom Mason is Scottish-born with a clan of four, a passionate muso and a determined life-hacker who is on a constant quest to find a better way.

He has an outstanding track record of helping Digital Transformation leaders in Sydney attract the top performing ‘passive’ Digital, Developer, Product, Marketing, eCRM, UX and UI specialists they need. He believes innovation-led change should be embraced, not feared. Tomorrow’s glass is full of endless possibilities.

His passion for innovation has embodied his career, from the moment he left university in Edinburgh (BA Marketing).  He launched Scotland’s first SMS permission-based marketing service 17 years ago, was a first mover in the mobile app development space and an early evangelist of Blockchain, setting up the Beached Whales Blockchain MeetUp.

After running his agency, and working in a number of senior digital client-side and agency roles, he found his calling in recruitment eight years ago. He was brought in by Tenth House Sydney to open a digital desk, quickly becoming one of the top performing consultants, focusing on Digital Marketing, Production and Development roles.

He founded Beagle Digital Recruitment to move away from the target-focused culture of the recruitment industry, and bring an ethical long-term relationship focused mindset to recruitment.


Be the leader of the tech-smart boutique recruitment specialists who are emerging in Sydney and disrupting the industry, taking it to the legacy slow moving commission-obsessed Goliaths.


Change the commonly held perception of what a ‘recruiter’ is. This will be achieved through innovation, consultation, authoritative niche knowledge, ethics and a razor-focused customer-centric mindset.


Be Real
Be a Human, not another ‘Recruiter’

Early Adopter
Brave and First with New Technology

Bring one with every Interaction

Embrace and Drive Change

Commitment to Finding a Better Way

Work Smart, do More with Less

Make decisions for the long-term best, not for the short-term $$$

Exceed Client and Candidates’ Expectations

Give 100%
Be Passionate and Determined