Who We Are

Beagle Digital is a Technology Recruitment Agency Specialising Software Developers, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, CRM Marketing and Web3 Based in Sydney


Source and delivered a full Machine Learning team to a newly funded HealthTech startup in Sydney, including 2 Data Engineers, a contract MLops Specialist, and a Junior Data Scientist.

We delivered a Product team on a tight deadline to one of Australia’s highest profile sharing economy start-ups (Marketing Analytics Manager, Product Manager and eCRM Specialist).

We delivered 2 Full Stack Web Developers and a CRM specialist to an ed-tech company in Sydney within a 2 weeks deadline for a product launch.

We delivered four Contract Web and Mobile Developers to the Sydney branch of the world’s largest PR agency, within three-days.


Why not surround yourself with those crafting technology that reshapes our world? Wouldn’t that be time well spent?🤔💭

Over the years, I’ve been the bridge that connects remarkable talent with innovative tech companies in Sydney. The reason? It mirrors two of my core passions.

✅ People – each a narrative yet to be unveiled.

✅ Tech – the force that upends life’s canvas, just as the Internet and smartphones did in their time. Today, we enter the epoch of Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

I embrace Data Engineers, Software Engineers, Web Developers, Data Scientists, Blockchain Innovators, Machine Learning Experts, and strategic CRM Marketers within my realm. 👩‍💻

Beagle, my brainchild, emerged to provide guidance rooted in authentic needs, steering clear of the siren call of commission-driven pursuits. Ethics? That’s my guiding star. 

My passion for emerging tech drew me into the blockchain rabbit hole early, birthing the ‘Beached Whales Bitcoin Meetup’ in the early 2000s.

Let’s connect if you’re part of Sydney’s vibrant tech community and share my passion for the future, social below. 



Be the leader of the tech-smart boutique recruitment specialists who are emerging in Sydney and disrupting the industry, taking it to the legacy slow moving commission-obsessed Goliaths.


Change the commonly held perception of what a ‘recruiter’ is. This will be achieved through innovation, consultation, authoritative niche knowledge, ethics and a razor-focused customer-centric mindset.


Be Real
Be a Human, not another ‘Recruiter’

Early Adopter
Brave and First with New Technology

Bring one with every Interaction

Embrace and Drive Change

Commitment to Finding a Better Way

Work Smart, do More with Less

Make decisions for the long-term best, not for the short-term $$$

Exceed Client and Candidates’ Expectations

Give 100%
Be Passionate and Determined