Do you get value from your engagement with recruiters?


  • Have you been mis-sold an opportunity?


  • Weary of being presented as a data scientist when you are clearly a data engineer? Beagle understands the nuances.


  • Tired of recruiters prioritising commissions over ethics and long-term relationships? Beagle was founded so we could operate with ethics. Good guys win, too.


  • Are you weary of constantly clarifying the distinction between data engineering and statistical analysis and training a predictive model? No, you’re not just all in one “AI guy.” Beagle has a deep understanding of data and ML team structures.

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Tom is a very efficient operator. He understood my skillset but more importantly understood my aspirations, as well as my unique situation which ultimately resulted in a job.

Will Jago

Digital Marketing Manager, Active Networks

Tom made an excellent job finding a suitable position. There was constant communication and knowledge about the industry. I really appreciated the effort ort and energy he invested.

Johnny Bojaca

Lead Digital Designer, Reckon

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Tom. Tom is a seasoned recruitment professional who quickly identified my strengths and matched me with an amazing role.
Shaun Leung

Digital Optimization, ING Direct

Tom has a great ability to understand where you are in your career, where you want to go, and combine that information with his in
Yakcin Kaya

Analytics & Customer Acquisition Specialist, Gumtree