There are many advantages to using the building block method, which is why many UI developers prefer it. If you are a Sydney Engineer who with experience in this, you might want to read on…..

We are working with a hugely successful Ed-Tech startup, who are looking for a front-end engineer who with experience.

  • Who? Successful, mature edtech startup in Surry Hills with an international reach and a team of 60.
  • Flexible Hours:  Progressive workplace that allows you to work your 8 hours a day when you want. e.g. 2pm-10pm, 5am-3pm.
  • Home Days: One a week(more on arrangement)
  • Mission Led: to make the world a smarter place through interactive software. 
  • Ethical: Contribute a percentage of profit to charity and offer you paid leave if you wanted to volunteer for a charity of your choice. 


  • Role: Senior Front-End/ UI Engineer with React
  • Structure: You will be part one of 4 development teams working with five engineers on the there main product. (which is built-in Django) across web and mobile.
  • Level: It’s a senior role, but not a leadership role. You will be solely responsible for the front end and 
  • Stack: They ideally are looking for someone who has experience working with React.JS Component Model (as opposed to just Web Enterprise React.js).
  • Environment: Strong believe in empowerment and collaboration


  • Mindset: You have a natural curiosity of how things software works, and why it does what it goes.
  • Aspiration: You are looking for an ‘on-the-tools’ role where you can make the front-end function your own.
  • React Component Model: Experience developing using Web Components on React either professionally on a personal project, which you can demonstrate.
  • Visa: They would consider a candidate who requires sponsorship, and they can also look at a candidate.

Sound Like You?

If this sounds like you and you have at least 3 React experience, please contact me on 041 555 2320.