The what, when and why of user-focussed SEO (by Charlie Gavey)


SEO can often be a source of guilt – we know we need to spend time working on it, but it’s rarely a top priority. If your organisation has a desire to improve their SEO, but limited resources with which to do so, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone! User-focussed SEO is a new approach that may help your organisation address SEO alongside its regular marketing activities.


This approach is growing in popularity, because it removes the need for SEO efforts to happen in isolation. Instead, a user-centric approach allows SEO to be addressed in tandem with your overall digital and content strategies.


If you’re just starting out in SEO, have limited resource for SEO, or are looking to build a better user-focus within your organisation, then read on to find out how a user-centric digital strategy can reap significant SEO benefits.


Mobile first


Google loves responsive sites. Since the “Mobilegeddon” update of April 2015, websites that don’t perform on mobile have been heavily penalised in search results.